A Curriculum Designed For You

The Good Curriculum is a comprehensive video-based, self-taught, self-paced, reading-intensive, writing-intensive, systematic online K-12 curriculum.

Essential Skills

The Good Curriculum equips your child with the basics of how to study, how to read and remember what they have read, how to write and how to manage their time. It then goes beyond these standard study skills and covers the difference between a person’s job and his calling in life, personal goal-setting, and developing leadership skills.

English Proficiency

The Good Curriculum has prepared a bridging program to help those who may need to lay a solid English foundation using an intensive and systematic phonics method. The videos will have some Chinese to assist students with new concepts and instructions. Students will be able to enter into our core curriculum after completing G3 English.


The Good Curriculum is academically rigorous yet frees up parents from the tasks of creating daily lesson plans and hands-on teaching. TGC teachers give clear, effective lectures on videos that students understand. Online, anytime, anywhere at your own pace.

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Why the good curriculum is a good choice


Each course has 180 video-based lessons. Daily reading assignments days 1-4 and weekly writing assignments on day 5. A review of the week’s lessons in day 5 and a short essay.

Support Forum

Students can use the student course forum to ask questions and team up with fellow students to work through problems in their courses. The best way of learning is to teach others.


Choose courses according to your child’s innate skills, interest, and emotional maturity, not according to his age. Online, anytime, anywhere at your own pace.


The Good Curriculum has partnered with professionals to develop a model that has cut almost entirely the cost of education through the power of the internet.

Video Based

A great advantage of a video-based curriculum is that students never have to worry about not learning the lesson the first time. It is easy to back up a video and watch it again or any part of it.


If the student gets stuck, he figures out the answer on his own. he can post a question on a course forum. The student must start to learn on his own to prepare for university or business.

Join The Good Curriculum Today to Enjoy the Benefits of a Self-Taught Curriculum

What Courses Do We Offer

We offer complete and systematic courses from K to 12 which will equip your kids with Good Character,
extensive Knowledge and Great Skills.

What People Say about us

We are truly grateful for The Good Curriculum. The way the curriculum is delivered has allowed us to step back from the actual lesson planning and teaching, and it also provides freedom for our boys to learn at their own pace. Our boys love The Good Curriculum. Our eldest boy loves the Science subject. It is a very in-depth and comprehensive subject. He loves exploring insects and bugs in such detailed and informative style as he has great interest in Science. Our youngest boy enjoys the Chinese subject. We see him attentively following the teacher's instructions during each lesson. We love the topics covered in each lesson as we find we can easily reinforce and get our boys using the Chinese vocabularies throughout our day to day life. We highly recommend The Good Curriculum.
David & Darlene from Australia

A Curriculum Designed For You

Join The Good Curriculum Today to Enjoy the Benefits of a Self-Taught Curriculum.

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